Shorewall does not start at boot time

I am neither shell scripting nor security guru, but I think that there is an error in the /etc/init.d/shorewall script that installs with the version 3.2.6-2 of Shorewall.

I installed Shorewall using Synaptic today, configured it and tested that I can start it manually. Then I restarted the computer and found out that there are no rules defined in any iptables chain (sudo iptables -L). I used the sudo invoke-rc.d shorewall start command to check what's happening during boot time and I saw the following error:

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After a few minutes of checking by trial and error I knew there was a problem with a piece of code right after the # check if shorewall is configured or not comment and after a few more minutes I modified it and the problem was solved. Below is the modified version - the script was looking for a wrong file and checking a non-existent variable.
# check if shorewall is configured or not
if [ -f "/etc/shorewall/shorewall.conf" ]
. /etc/shorewall/shorewall.conf
if [ "$STARTUP_ENABLED" != "Yes" ]

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  1. I know this is old, but the above steps should NOT be requied. Just modify the /etc/default/shorewall file to indicate that it has in fact been configured.