furl2delicious - a tool to import bookmarks from Furl to Delicious (with tags!)

I decided to switch from Furl to Delicious. Furl is a good bookmarking service, it has a unique feature that I think is very useful - it saves a copy of every bookmarked page. But recently it's been very slow, sometimes I couldn't even log in. Moreover, I like new Delicious design and Firefox integration so much better!

So I decided to switch. But I didn't want to lose more than 500 bookmarks. I tried to use the Delicious import feature - everything went smoothly but all my tags were lost. I looked for a solution on the Internet but I didn't find a working one, so I wrote my own tool.

It imports the following data:
  • the URL,
  • the title,
  • the comments (if there were any),
  • the tags (!),
  • the date when the bookmark was created (!).
I imported my bookmarks - it took about 20 minutes; out of 515 bookmarks that left Furl 501 arrived at Delicious, I didn't investigate why 14 bookmarks were lost.

I used the Delicious.Net library and Visual C# 2005 Express Edition.

furl2delicious - executables
furl2delicious - source code (.NET, C#)