Error "The remote debugger is not an acceptable version"

If you try to debug an ASP.NET application remotely using Remote Debugging Monitor (msvsmon.exe) and you get the following error:
The remote debugger is not an acceptable version
it means that the versions of Visual Studio and Msvsmon are different (e.g. Visual Studio 2005 + Msvsmon 2008).


Missing auto-generated Resources.Designer.cs file

If the Resources.Designer.cs file is missing and there is no Run Custom Tool option in the context menu for the Resources.cs file (or, of course, any other resources file), it probably means that the Custom Tool property of the Resources.cs file is empty:

This is what MSDN says about the Custom Tool property:
Custom tools are components that can be used to transform files from one type to another at design time. For example, a custom tool might be a dataset code generator that reads in an XML Schema (.xsd) file and generates classes in a code file that programmatically exposes its tables and columns. There is a predefined list of custom tools available in the product; this property enables you to see which custom tool is applied to a file. In rare circumstances, you might have to change the value of this property. The value of this property must be either blank or one of the built-in custom tools.
In case of Visual Studio 2008 the default tool generating the *.Designer.cs files is ResXFileCodeGenerator - type it in the property and the problem should be solved:


I found an easier way to do it:


furl2delicious - a tool to import bookmarks from Furl to Delicious (with tags!)

I decided to switch from Furl to Delicious. Furl is a good bookmarking service, it has a unique feature that I think is very useful - it saves a copy of every bookmarked page. But recently it's been very slow, sometimes I couldn't even log in. Moreover, I like new Delicious design and Firefox integration so much better!

So I decided to switch. But I didn't want to lose more than 500 bookmarks. I tried to use the Delicious import feature - everything went smoothly but all my tags were lost. I looked for a solution on the Internet but I didn't find a working one, so I wrote my own tool.

It imports the following data:
  • the URL,
  • the title,
  • the comments (if there were any),
  • the tags (!),
  • the date when the bookmark was created (!).
I imported my bookmarks - it took about 20 minutes; out of 515 bookmarks that left Furl 501 arrived at Delicious, I didn't investigate why 14 bookmarks were lost.

I used the Delicious.Net library and Visual C# 2005 Express Edition.

furl2delicious - executables
furl2delicious - source code (.NET, C#)