How to install VMware Tools in VMware Player

After creating a 'new' virtual machine I noticed that I couldn't do a few things that I could do in the other VM (the one that served as a base when creating a 'new' one):
  • I could not move the mouse between the guest system and the host system. Each time I wanted to move from one OS to another, I had to click to grab input and press Crtl+Alt to release it.
  • I could not use the toolbar at the top of the VMware Player without leaving the guest system.
  • I could not use the guest system in fullscreen mode.
  • I could not change the size of the guest system (in a way similar to changing screen resolution) by simply resizing the VMware Player window.
After a short while I realized that the difference between these two virtual machine was the fact that VMware Tools were installed in the old one, but not in the new one.

I installed VMware Tools and it solved all the problems.

This article explains how to install VMware Tools in VWware Player.

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