SQL Server Agent - multiserver administration (MSX/TSX configuration)

The sp_msx_enlist stored procedure adds the current server to the list of target servers available for multiserver operations. Only a SQL Server 2005 server can be enlisted against another SQL Server 2005 server.

That means that you cannot have a configuration with a SQL Server 2005 instance acting as a master server (MSX) and a SQL Server 2000 as a target server (TSX).

If you try to enlist a SQL Server 2000 instance into a SQL Server 2005 master server, you will receive an error like this:

The master server '<SRV_2005>' version 9.00.2047.00 is not compatible with the target server '<SRV_2000>' versions 8.00.2039.

(By the way, there is something wrong with this sentence, isn't it? I mean the word 'versions'.)

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