Ubuntu unstable due to BIOS settings

Just a quick & dirty note this time.

These settings caused my machine to be unstable.
FSB:  166 MHz
freq: 199 MHz (DDR 398)
CAS:  3-3-3-8
Various applications (for example, Firefox, Synaptic, GNU Gadu) and both GNOME and KDE environments crashed because of segmentation faults or unknown reasons. Memtest86 detected RAM errors during moving inversions test.

With these settings everything seems to be working fine:
FSB:  166 MHz
freq: 166 MHz (DDR 332)
CAS:  2.5-3-3-7


A friend of mine has sent an e-mail to tell me that this post might be a little confusing. So to make things clear:
  • The problem described above was caused only by wrong BIOS settings and it was by no means Ubuntu's fault.
  • The above RAM timings are useful only for me; this blog is, among other things, also my notepad, so I will sometimes jot down things like this.

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